Resource Media Tip Sheets

Getting Personal

Problem You are working towards change for an environmental issue that will have an impact on the lives of many homeowners, tourists, and businessmen. Telling their stories would bring an authentic, crediblevoice to your issue or campaign. The only problem is you haven’t found a way to bring those specific personal stories to the press. … read more »

On the Record vs. Off the Record

Problem You have an interview lined up with a reporter. You want to make sure the reporter has enough background to fill out the story, but you don’t want to be quoted on everything you say. How do you define what is “on the record,” “on background,” and “off the record?” What is the safest … read more »

Simplify Your Words

Problem Your organization is pitching a story that is technical. You have to sort through a maze of documents and reports written by academics and scientists in order to create a cohesive, easy-to-understand story pitch or press release. How do you simplify technical terms, language and data so that it is understood by your target … read more »

Exploring the Business Angle

Problem Your organization is preparing to pitch its story, and you think your issue may have a business angle, but you’re not sure how to pitch it. How does pitching your story as a business or economic story change how it’s perceived by the public? Does turning your issue into a business story really benefit … read more »

Embargoes: Are they for everyone?

Problem Your organization is releasing a research report, and wants to make sure that you receive good, in-depth press coverage following the release. You decide to send journalists the report in advance of the official release date, placing an “embargo” on when they can run their stories on the report. But if one reporter does … read more »

Writing for the Web

Problem Your organization is preparing to launch a brand new website and you’re in charge of its content.  You’re confident about your writing skills, but this is your first opportunity to create content for a website.  How is writing for the Web different from other kinds of writing?  Are there things you can do to … read more »

Know the News, Make the News

Problem You have a reliable media list.  You also know how to craft interesting and provocative press materials.  Lately, however, it seems that your news releases are falling on deaf ears.  You wonder why your most trusted reporters aren’t covering your stories.  What can you do to overcome the silent presses?   Strategy One of … read more »

Exclusives: To pitch or not to pitch?

Problem You have a dynamite story that is so good you’re wondering if you should pitch it to your usual list of media contacts.  You think that you might get the most bang for your buck if you pitch it to only one key outlet, giving a single reporter an exclusive first crack at the … read more »

Magazine Stories: To pitch or not to pitch?

Problem You’ve gotten plenty of press in the local newspaper, but now you’re ready for reaching a broader audience with a different kind of story.  You think that targeting a few niche magazines might be the right place for an in-depth examination of your issues.  Unfortunately, you’ve never pitched a magazine before and you are … read more »