PowerPoint Presentations

Mining and Water Quality Issues

“Water Quality Predictions at Hardrock Mine Sites: Methods, Models, and Case Study Comparison” by James Kuipers, of Kuipers & Assoc , and Ann Maest of Buka Environmental. Download the Presentation: mining and water quality impacts

Indigenous Perspectives-Dr. David Begay Presentation

“Indigenous Perspectives: Commonalities, Relationship, Conservation and use of Natural Resources” from the 2008 No Dirty Energy Summit in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Download the Presentation: Dr David Begay presentation

NRC License Application Process

Presentation on the National Research Council License Application Process Download the Presentation: NRC License application process – Cohen Presentation  

NRC Environmental Reviews

Presentation on the National Research Council Environmental Reviews for Uranium Recovery Applicants and Licensees Download the Presentation: NRC Environmental reviews – Park Presentation