PowerPoint Presentations

Mercury Biogeochemistry- Ivan Weber’s Presentation

“Great Salt Lake’s Mercury: Biogeochemical Cycling of Nevada Gold Mining Emissions” 2005 presentation by Ivan Weber of Weber Sustainability Consulting, Utah. Download the Presentation: Mercury Biogeochemistry (Ivan Weber)

Mercury and Mining- Glenn Miller’s Presentation

“Mercury Management in Modern Precious Metals Mines” 2005 presentation by Glenn Miller and Greg Jones, from the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Science, University of Nevada, Reno. Download the Presentation: Mercury and Mining (Glenn Miller)

Comparison of Predicted and Actual Water Quality- Jim Kuiper’s Presentation

“Comparison of Predicted and Actual Water Quality: In Environmental Impact Statements for major hardrock mines in the U.S.” 2005 presentation by James Kuipers of Kuipers and Associates in Butte, MT, Ann Maest of Buka Environmental in Boulder, CO, Kimberley MacHardy of Kuipers and Associates in Butte, MT, and Greg Lawson of Buka Environmental in Boulder, CO. Download … read more »

Water Quality Modeling Report- Ann Maest’s Presentation

“Evaluation of Methods and Models used to Predict Water Quality at Hardrock Mine Sites: Sources of Uncertainty and Recommendations for Improvement” 2005 presentation by Ann Maest of Buka Environmental. Download the Presentation: Water Quality Monitoring Report (Ann Maest)

Working Internationally- Jamie Kneen

“Working Internationally” 2005 paper by Jamie Kneen of MiningWatch Canada. Download the document: International Cooperation and Campaigns (Jamie Kneen)