Fundraising Resources

Funding Guide for Native Americans Impacted by Extractive Industries

This funding guide is designed to assist Native American groups seeking grants to support the important work of protecting their land, water, air, and communities from the dangers posed by extractive industry projects. Prepared by  Nicholas Salter     of Oxfam America. Download the Document: Funding Guide for Native Americans Impacted by Extractive Industries   … read more »

Researching Funders Online

During the past 10 years we have seen a revolution in how non-profits research funding sources. You no longer have to carry around a five-pound grants guide (although, many people still like the print publications). Instead, with the click or two of a mouse, you can instantaneously research funding sources on the Internet. In terms … read more »

Strategies for Online Giving

The tsunamis that just hit Asia and Africa are collectively one of the worst disasters our planet has seen in centuries. The death and destruction are just starting to be imagined, and the devastation will continue for a lifetime. We are just now realizing the millions of people that are injured, sick, and homeless. We … read more »

Tips for Energizing Your Board Members

The last thing the board members want to do when they join your board is raise money; however, that is the first and most important thing you want your board members to do. It is important when recruiting the board members to be crystal clear about your expectations and to have your board president (hopefully) … read more »

Fundraising for Conservation Advocacy Organizations

This paper explores the idea of sharing an events fundraising strategy that could increase our resources and efficiency Events and Auction Concept Introduction Diversifying our funding base and reducing the percentage of foundation support is very important to our organizations. Events, including speakers, auctions, raffles, concerts, etc. offer the opportunity to raise funds and increase participation. … read more »

Sample Development Plan Template

2004 Sample Development Plan/Timeline Goal:  $84,450 Foundations:                                     $  50,000 Individuals:                                          $  15,000           … read more »

Tips on Donor Giving

10 Tips for Nonprofit Fundraising With over 80 percent of the total private giving in America (totaling over $250 Billion annually) coming from individuals, every nonprofit organization should strive to have a percentage of their income annually derived from individuals. This funding source is one of the most “controllable” income streams ( in a world … read more »