False Promises

Water Quality Predictions Gone Wrong. Large Mines and Water Pollution.  Download the Document: FalsePromisesWater Water quality impacts from hardrock mines are very difficult to predict. Despite modern technology, government and industry predictions are often wrong, and the long-term environmental and fiscal implications are often severe. Here are ten examples of modern mines where the government … read more »

The Role of Metal Mining in the Alaska Economy

A report by Dr. Tom Power at the University of Montana.  Download the Document: The Role of Metal Mining in the Alaska Economy This report explores the role that metal mining currently plays in the Alaskan economy and the economies of the Fairbanks and Juneau areas.  Metal mining played a very important part in the … read more »

Alaska Community Right-to-Know

From Alaska Community Action on Toxics.  Download the Document: Alaska Community Right-to-Know Most who think of Alaska picture immense regions of pristine lakes, mountains and river valleys – a place where all species of salmon still spawn, grizzlies freely feeding on their ample numbers, a place where Earth thunders with migrating caribou, sustaining the Peoples … read more »

Position Paper on Perpetual Water Treatment for Mines

 From the Center for Science in Public Participation. Download the Document: CSP2 Perpetual Water Treatment Paper Background A POSITION PAPER ON PERPETUAL WATER TREATMENT FOR MINES David M. Chambers, Ph.D. June 2000 Various federal, state and provincial agencies have the responsibility of issuing permits for the discharge of water and contaminants from mines. Today these … read more »

World Bank Extractive Industries Review

Executive Summary. For the full report go to: http://www.eireview.org/html/EIRFinalReport.html  Download the Document: World Bank EIR Exec Summary STRIKING A BETTER BALANCE: THE EXTRACTIVE INDUSTRIES REVIEW Executive Summary In November 2003, the Board of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) approved a loan of up to $125 million for the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline, which will bring oil from … read more »

Mining Investors

Understanding the legal structure of a mining company and identifying its management, shareholders and relationship with the financial market. Download the Document: Mining_Investors Communities dealing with the impact from mining activities (whether at the claim-staking, exploration, development, operating, closure, or restoration/rehabilitation stage) find themselves confronted by a legal entity they may not understand, making demands … read more »

Submarine Tailings Disposal Toolkit

From Mining Watch Canada and Project Underground.  Download the Document: Submarine Tailings Disposal Toolkit Safe disposal of mine waste, including tailings, is gener- ally recognized as the single largest environmental chal- lenge facing the mining industry worldwide and a major expense for mining companies. Modern open-pit mining has a very high waste-to-prod- uct ratio (roughly 99 tones of … read more »

Hardrock Reclamation Bonding Practices in the Western US

From the Center for Science in Public Participation.  Download the Document: Hardrock Bonding Report Hardrock mining has had a major impact on the social landscape and environment of the western United States. In the past, hardrock metal mining for gold and silver, copper, molybdenum and other metals were largely conducted in smaller high-grade operations. These … read more »

Looking Beneath the Surface

An Assessment of the Value of Public Support for the Metal Mining Industry in Canada. From MiningWatch Canada.  Download the Document: BC mining subsidies full report Around the world, international organizations such as the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), national policy makers and the public are engaging in a pressing debate about the … read more »

Mining Myths

Seven myths that prop up the mining industry in Canada. From Mining Watch Canada. Download the Document: Mining_Myths MiningWatch Canada is a coalition of seventeen different organizations that works to support communities affected by mining, to do research on issues pertaining to mining environment and health and to advocate for responsible mining practices. Our work … read more »