Prediction Manual for Drainage Chemistry from Sulphidic Geologic Materials

Accurate and timely prediction of acidic drainage and metal leaching are keys to preventing potential environmental impacts and minimizing the high costs of mitigation. Prediction of drainage chemistry is a technically challenging subject, involving a large number of methods, properties and processes. The Manual was developed to provide a comprehensive, in-depth level of understanding for … read more »

Kemess North Copper-Gold Mine Press Release

Kemess North Copper-Gold Mine Project Joint Canada-BC Review Panel issues final report.  Victoria, September 17, 2007.     Download the Report: NR-Kemess-Panel-English  

Kemess North Copper-Gold Mine Project

Joint Review Panel Report Summary, September 17, 2007. Download the Document: Kemess North Joint Review Panel Report – Executive Summary EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Main Panel Finding The Kemess North Mine Joint Review Panel (the “Panel”) has concluded that development of the Kemess North Copper/Gold Project (the “Project”) in its present form would not be in the public interest. … read more »

Uranium Mining Fact Sheets

A summary of fact sheets on uranium mining. Uranium Fact Sheets on the Web May 25, 2007, compiled by Paul Robinson Southwest Research and Information Center 1.  Uranium Fact Sheet Institute for Energy and Environmental Research – “Uranium: Its Uses and Hazards” II. Laguna Pueblo Uranium Curriculum Uranium Mining and its Impact on … read more »

Mining Closure Plans: Your Right to Know!

Ontario Mining Act Fact Sheet. August 2005. Download the Document: Ontario_Closure_Brochure Part VII – Rehabilitation of Mining Lands In Ontario, a mining company cannot (re)commence mining operations until a cer- tified Closure Plan and associated Financial Assurance are in place. The requirements for a Closure Plan, including Financial Assurance, are set out in Part VII of … read more »

Understanding Mining Rights in Ontario

by Lara McGuire and Jonquille Pak of the Canary Research Institute. August, 2005. Download the Document: Understanding_Mining_Rts 1. SOME DEFINITIONS 1.1 Crown Land: land that belongs to the province of Ontario. It does NOT include: (a) land, the surface rights, mining rights or mining and surface rights of which are under lease or license of occupation … read more »

The Curse of Gold

From Human Rights Watch.  Download the Document: The Curse of Gold Summary “We are cursed because of our gold. All we do is suffer. There is no benefit to us.” -Congolese gold miner The northeast corner of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is home to one of Africa’s richest goldfields. Competition to control the … read more »

Dirty Metals: Mining, Communities, and the Environment

From EARTHWORKS and Oxfam America. Download the Document: DirtyMetals_HR The first step in mining is to locate a subterranean ore deposit and bring it to the surface. Increasingly, mining operations find that it’s cheaper to do this by blasting away the soil and surface rock, called “overburden,” rather than by digging underground shafts. The resulting … read more »

Effects of Mining on Women’s Health in Labrador West

In 2004 MiningWatch Canada partnered with the Labrador West Status of Women Council and the Femmes francophones de l’Ouest du Labrador on a joint effort to explore community women’s own perceptions of the effects on their health from living in a mining town. Download the Document: Lab_West_Final_Report_en Executive Summary The Effects of Mining on Women’s … read more »

Environmental Impacts of Mining

Compiled by Alaskans for Responsible Mining.  Download the Document: ARM Enviro Impacts Fact Sheet Mining:  Environmental Impacts Mining can pollute air and drinking water, harm wildlife and habitat, and permanently scar natural landscapes.  Modern mines as well as abandoned mines are responsible for significant environmental damage throughout the West. More than 40 percent of stream … read more »