Mount Polley Mine Tour

As stipulated in the Application Form, costs for the Polley Mine Tour need to be fully assumed by the participant. Please find below the fee schedule and the invoice for this tour:

  • Transportation, hotel (single room), meals & logistics = $US 200 or $CD 250
  • Transportation, hotel (shared room / 2 per room), meals & logistics = $US 150 or $CD 190
  • No transportation needed, no hotel needed, only meals & logistics: $US 40 or $CD 50

Thank you to make your payment now or before September 1st, 2018. Late payment will not be accepted and your reservation for this tour will be automatically canceled.

Note: WMAN scholarships to attend the Conference do not cover those costs. Those already qualifying and receiving a WMAN travel scholarship for the Conference can make a request to MiningWatch Canada to seek additional support for this tour (limited support available – no guarantee you will receive any). Contact:

Please make your payment below.