Alaska’s Big Village Network Contact: Carl Wassilie
3724 Campbell Airstrip Road Anchorage AK 99504
Phone: 907-382-3403 Website: Alaska’s Big Village Network


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Alternatives North Contact: Kevin O’Reilly
P.O. Box 444 Yellowknife NT X1A 2N3 Canada
Phone: 867-920-2765 Website: Alternatives North

Social justice coalition of environmental, antipoverty, church, organized labour, women’s groups and interested individuals. Mining focus dependent on interest of members and availability of resources but largely focused on mining policy, economic rent, closure and reclamation.

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Photo of Amah Mutsun Land Trust
Amah Mutsun Land Trust Contact: EkOngKar Singh Khalsa
531 29th Street Richmond CA 94804
Phone: 508-254-0746 Website:

The Amah Mutsun Land Trust was developed in 2012 to help the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band access ancestral lands, protect sacred sites, and regain the role as environmental stewards of their traditional territory. The Amah Mutsun Land Trust uses traditional knowledge, conservation fieldwork, and tribally-led ecological research to restore indigenous stewardship, protect natural and cultural resources, and educate the public about the history, perspectives, and stewardship priorities of their people. They work with a powerful array of conservation, government, and university partners to achieve shared conservation goals within traditional territory.

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Photo of Amigos Bravos
Amigos Bravos Contact: Brian Shields
P.O. Box 238 Taos NM 87571 United States
Phone: 505 758 3874 Fax: 505 758 7345 Website: Amigos Bravos

Amigos Bravos is a nationally recognized statewide river conservation organization guided by social justice principles and dedicated to preserving and restoring the ecological and cultural integrity of New Mexico’s rivers and watersheds. Our mission is to return New Mexico’s rivers to drinkable quality wherever possible; to see that natural flows are maintained and that artificial flows are regulated to protect and reclaim river ecosystems; to preserve and restore native riparian biodiversity; to support environmentally sound and sustainable traditional ways of life; and to ensure that environmental and social justice go hand-in-hand.

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Photo of Clark Fork Coalition
Clark Fork Coalition Contact: Chris Brick
P.O. Box 7593 Missoula MT 59807 United States
Phone: 406-542-0539 Fax: 406-542-5632 Website: Clark Fork Coalition

Founded in 1985, the Clark Fork Coalition is dedicated to protecting and restoring the Clark Fork River basin, a 22,000-square-mile area draining western Montana and northern Idaho. We have over a 27-year-long record of substantial achievements improving the health of the watershed.


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Photo of Clean Up The Mines!
Clean Up The Mines! Contact: Klee Benally
225 E. 26th St., Ste. 1 Tucson AZ 85713
Phone: 928-380-2629 Website: Clean Up the Mines
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Clearfork Community Institute Contact: Marie Webster
P.O. Box 81 Eagan TN 37730
Phone: 423-784-0095 Website:

The Clearfork Community Institute (CCI) was founded in 1997 by local women who sought to provide meaningful engagement for their families and community. CCI is still led by local women and facilitates community participation in social change work and functions as a space for cultural events and community organizing. The main goal of CCI is to support coalfield residents in bringing themselves out of poverty, away from mono-industrial practices and into a flourishing state of wellbeing with one another and our Earth.

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Coalition Quebec Meilleure Mine Contact: Henri Jacob
Bureau 207, 870 ave De Salaberry Quebec ON G1R 2T9 Canada
Phone: 418-648-2104 Website:

The mission of Coalition Quebec Meilleure Mine is to defend the health of ecosystems and communities affected by mining in Quebec and to promote improved practices, laws and policies. The Coalition is today composed of 30-member organizations, mainly grassroot citizen organizations, environmental groups, and public-sector workers’ unions, and count dozens more partners throughout the Province and Canada.

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Concerned Citizens of Quesnel Lake Contact: Christine McLean
139 Elgin Park Rd. SE Calgary AB T2Z 4B9 Canada
Phone: 403-815-7164 Website:

Concerned Citizens of Quesnel Lake (CCQL) was founded in 2015 in response to the environmental tailings pond disaster and ongoing discharge of mine waste from the Mount Polley Mine into Quesnel Lake. CCQL seeks to make the British Columbia Government and the Mining Industry responsible and accountable.

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Eastern Pennsylvania Coalition for Abandoned Mine Reclamation (EPCAMR) Contact: Robert E. Hughes
101 S. Main Street Ashley PA 18706 United States

Formed in 1995 by concerned conservation districts, EPCAMR represents a coalition of watershed organizations and reclamation partners. Members range from individuals, to the active anthracite mining industry and co-generation power plants, to non-profit organizations, 16 county conservation districts and other organizations in the anthracite and bituminous coal region of eastern Pennsylvania that are involved with abandoned mine reclamation issues. Counties covered by EPCAMR in NorthEastern and NorthCentral PA include: Tioga, Bradford, Susquehanna, Lycoming, Sullivan, Wyoming, Lackawanna, Luzerne, Northumberland, Carbon, Schuylkill, Columbia, Lebanon, Dauphin, Montour, and Wayne.

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Friends of the Cheat Contact: Aubrey Harris
119 S. Price St. Suite 206 Kingwood WV 26505 United States
Phone: (304) 329-3621 Website: Friends of the Cheat

Friends of the Cheat’s mission is to restore, preserve, and promote the outstanding natural qualities of the Cheat River watershed. We accomplish this through identifying acid mine drainage sources, creating treatment systems to restore impaired water quality, and educating the community and facilitating access to the natural beauty of the watershed through trails.

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Photo of Friends of the Clearwater
Friends of the Clearwater Contact: Brett Haverstick
PO Box 9241 Moscow ID 83843
Phone: 208-882-9755 Website:

Friends of the Clearwater, a recognized non-profit organization since 1987, defends the Idaho Clearwater Bioregion’s wildlands and biodiversity through a Forest Watch program, litigation, grassroots public involvement, outreach and education. The Wild Clearwater Country, the northern half of central Idaho’s Big Wild, contains many unprotected roadless areas and wild rivers, and provides crucial habitat for numerous rare plant and animal species. Friends of the Clearwater strives to protect these areas, restore degraded habitats, preserve viable populations of native species, recognize national and international wildlife corridors, and bring an end to industrialization on public lands.

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Photo of Great Basin Resource Watch
Great Basin Resource Watch Contact: John Hadder
P.O. Box 207 Reno NV 89504
Phone: 775-348-1986 Website: Great Basin Resource Watch

Great Basin Resource Watch, founded in 1994 by a coalition of environmental, Native American, and scientific community representatives is a regional environmental justice organization dedicated to protecting the health and well bring of the land, air, water, wildlife, and communities of the Great Basin from the adverse effects of resource extraction and use. We inform communities about mining impacts; review mine proposals, permits, and expansions; and recommend policy solutions to reduce toxic emissions, protect our water resources, and preserve human and wildlife habitat.

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Photo of Kootenai Environmental Alliance
Kootenai Environmental Alliance Contact: Adrienne Cronebaugh
408 Sherman Ave., Suite301 Coeur d’Alene ID 83814 United States
Phone: 208-667-9093 Website: Kootenai Environmental Alliance

Kootenai Environmental Alliance is committed to conserving, protecting and restoring the environmental in North Idaho.

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L.E.A.D. Agency Contact: Earl Hatley
19257 S. 4403 Drive Vinita OK 74301 United States
Phone: 918-256-5269

Our area is impacted by abandoned lead and zinc mines, affecting a two-county area and ten Indian tribes. Mountains of tailings piles and acid mine water drainage impacts a large downstream area and lake.

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Photo of Montana Environmental Information Center
Montana Environmental Information Center Contact: Derf Johnson
P.O. Box 1184 Helena MT 59624
Phone: 406-443-2520 Website:

Montana Environmental Information Center (MEIC) is a 501(c)(3) education and advocacy organization founded in 1973 with the mission to protect and restore Montana’s natural environment. MEIC is the lead organization in Montana specializing in state environmental policy with 45 years of experience in formulating and protecting the State’s framework of progressive environmental laws. They actively engage, as necessary, in all three branches of government at the federal, state and local levels. MEIC also works in alliance with numerous grassroots/local, regional and national conservation groups, and has formed coalitions with new voices for environmental protection including business, agricultural, labor, tribal, education, faith, and public health interests.

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Photo of Multicultural Alliance for a Safe Environment (MASE)
Multicultural Alliance for a Safe Environment (MASE) Contact: Susan Gordon
P.O. Box 4524 ALbuquerque NM 87196
Phone: 505-577-8438 Website: Multicultural Alliance for a Safe Environment

MACE is rooted in the experiences of uranium-impacted communities of the southwestern U.S. We are communities working to restore and protect the natural and cultural environment through respectfully promoting intercultural engagement among communities and institutions for the benefit of all life and future generations.

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New Mexico Mining Action Network Contact: Michael Paul
PO Box 238 Taos NM 87571 United States
Phone: (505) 362-1063 Website: Amigos Bravos

NMMAN is a nationally recognized collaborative effort to implement and strengthen the mine permitting and reclamation requirements of the New Mexico Mining Act. NMMAN’s mission is to be a statewide advocate for: restoration of community land and water affected by mining; enforcement of the NM Mining Act and of relevant water quality and quantity laws; and promotion of economic alternatives for mining-impacted communities.

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Photo of Okanogan Highlands Alliance
Okanogan Highlands Alliance Contact: David Kliegman
PO Box 163 Tonasket WA 98855 United States
Phone: 509-560-4429 Website: Okanogan Highlands Alliance

OHA works to minimize watershed impacts associated with the Buckhorn gold mine operations and exploration, improve the ecological health of the Okanogan Highlands and increase community awareness and involvement in watershed issue.

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Photo of Rivers Without Borders
Rivers Without Borders Contact: Will Patric
PO Box 1968 Port Townsend WA 98368 United States
Phone: 360-379-2811 Fax: 360-379-2811 Website: Rivers Without Borders

Rivers Without Borders has been striving to protect the wild intact watersheds and rich ecological and cultural values of the British Columbia-Alaska transboundary region since 1999. We engage First Nations, commercial fishermen, scientists, environmental organizations, government, community leaders, media, and others to advance our conservation vision for this vast, remote, and spectacular area.

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Photo of Sierra Fund
Sierra Fund Contact: Kelsey Westfall
103 Providence Mine Rd,. Suite 101 Nevada City CA 95959
Phone: 530-265-8454 Website:

The Sierra Fund is based in Nevada City, California, and serves the Sierra Nevada region of California, which includes 25 million acres, a third of the state’s area, and all or part of 22 rural counties. The organization works in the spirit of service to the Sierra Nevada’s natural resources and communities. They use science and advocacy to pursue their mission to restore ecosystem resiliency and build community capacity in the Sierra Nevada.

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Silver Valley Community Resource Center Contact: Barbara Miller
P.O. Box 362 Kellogg ID 83837
Phone: 208-784-8891 Website: http://

The Silver Valley Community Resource Center (SVCRC) was founded by a listening process of nontraditional leaders in the Silver Valley who included, church, union, social service groups, affected citizens, senior citizens who came together and decided to work with and accountability of the EPA for environmental cleanup of the Bunker Hill Superfund Site. SVCRC’s Mission is to improve the quality of life for people of the Silver Valley, epicenter of the nations larges lead site, resolving 4 key goals; economic development, safe housing/ending homelessness, adequate health care and environmental justice.

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Photo of Southeast Alaska Conservation Council
Southeast Alaska Conservation Council Contact: Guy Archibald
419 Sixth Street #200 Juneau AK 99081 United States
Phone: (907) 586-6942 Website: Southeast Alaska Conservation Council

SEACC have been fighting to retain the wild places and natural values of the Tongass National Forest and promoting community sustainability for over 40 years.

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Photo of Takshanuk Watershed Council
Takshanuk Watershed Council Contact: Meredith Pochardt
HC 60 Box 2008 425 Sawmill Road Haines AK 99827
Phone: 907-766-3542 Website:

The mission of the Takshanuk Watershed Council is to provide stewardship for the Chilkat, Chilkoot, and Ferebee River systems.  Through restoration, education, research, and community involvement they will benefit the natural ecology, economy, and quality of life valued by all residents.

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Photo of Yukon River Inter-Tribal Watershed Council
Yukon River Inter-Tribal Watershed Council Contact: Maryann Fidel
25 Christensen Dr., Suite 3 Anchorage AK 99501
Phone: 907-258-3337 Website:

Yukon River Inter-Tribal Watershed Council (YRITWC) is an indigenous grassroots non-profit organization established in 1997. The YRITWC was created by Indigenous leaders who were concerned about safeguarding and cleaning-up the Yukon River Watershed (YRW). It is a coalition comprised of 74 Indigenous governments in Canada and Alaska with the 50-year vision ‘To be able to drink water directly from the Yukon River’. The YRITWC is an entity that coordinates efforts to protect, clean and maintain the health of the Yukon River and its diverse peoples.

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