Photo of Advocacy Coalition of Telluride
Advocacy Coalition of Telluride Contact: Michael Saftler
Box 116 Telluride CO 81435 United States
Phone: 970 728 6540 Website: Advocacy Coalition of Telluride

Advocating and educating for the benefit of all Livingkind now and for generations to come. Clean Air Water and Soil is our CAWS. If we all protected OUR CAWS above all else our quality of life and food supply would be sustaining. If CAWS was a political platform we would transform the world.

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Photo of Canadian Arctic Resources Committee
Canadian Arctic Resources Committee Contact: Gary Blundell
PO Box 2822 Stn. Main Yellowknife Northern Territories X1A 2R2 Canada
Phone: 705-447-3418 Website:

Established in 1971, Canadian Arctic Resources Committee is a well-respected non-partisan, public interest, research and advocacy organization. Composed of citizens committed to environmentally-responsible northern development, support for the rights of Indigenous peoples, respect for the authority of northern territorial governments and increased international co-operation in the circumpolar world, CARC has a reputation for high quality research and public policy analyses, effective public communication and advocacy, and helping to set the public policy agenda. CARC has published more than 100 books, monographs, and facilitated nationally significant conferences on the Arctic.

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Photo of Canary Research Institute on Mining, Health and Environment
Canary Research Institute on Mining, Health and Environment Contact: Diana Martin
Suite 508, 250 City Centre Avenue Ottawa ON Canada
Phone: 613-569-3439 Website:

The Canary Research Institute for Mining, Environment, and Health promotes the advancement of education and the reduction of poverty in Canada and elsewhere relating to and resulting from the impacts of mineral development on the physical, cultural, social and emotional health of humans and human communities, and on the health of terrestrial and aquatic environments by undertaking scientific and social research; publishing, promoting and distributing the results of the Institute’s research; and providing seminars and workshops.

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Carol MacLennan Contact: Carol MacLennan
n/a Houghton MI 4991 United States
Phone: n/a Fax: n/a
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CCSG Associates Contact: Sue Moodie
Box 34026 Whitehorse Yukon Y1A 7A3 Canada
Phone: 867-336-1135

Although a recent graduate in doctoral studies at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, I am a long term Yukon resident and my consulting company CCSG Associates has been involved in a variety of diverse mining related projects, research, advocacy, policy and regulation development, grassroots organizing and outreach in northern, national and international contexts. I have held it as my goal to work as a translator between academia, industry, policy and community-based values to achieve substantive work that has meaning on many different levels, with my skills as a researcher on the ground and in the books with a local focus.

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CorpWatch Contact: Pratap Chatterjee
P.O. Box 29198 San Francisco CA 94129 United States
Phone: 1-415-800-4004 Website: CorpWatch

We seek to expose multinational corporations that profit from war, fraud, environmental, human rights and other abuses, and to provide critical information to foster a more informed public and an effective democracy.

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Data Center Contact: Miho Kim
1904 Franklin Street, Suite 900 Oakland CA 94612 United States
Phone: 510-835-4692 Fax: 510-835-3017 Website: Data Center

We know that communities are experts about the problems and solutions affecting their lives. DataCenter helps surface that knowledge in ways that develop leadership, increase community power, and generate momentum for social change. As marginalized communities take the tools and power of research into their own hands, they surface accurate information about the urgent and pressing conditions of their lives, and they encourage others to do the same.

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Photo of Fair Mining Collaborative
Fair Mining Collaborative Contact: Glenn Grande
P.O. Box 39010 RPO James Bay Victoria BC V8V 4X8 Canada
Phone: 250-703-3701 Website:

Fair Mining Collaborative joins with First Nations people and local communities in British Columbia in the quest to shape the future for families, land, water, and wildlife. They provide technical and practical assistance around the issues and impacts of mining. They spend time in communities to provide two-way knowledge sharing for strengthening local capacity to manage the full spectrum of mining concerns: mapping traditional resource inventories and raising awareness of social impacts; staking, permitting, exploration; and operation, closure and reclamation.

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Photo of Ground Truth Trekking
Ground Truth Trekking Contact: David Coil
P.O. Box 164 Seldovia AK 99663 United States
Phone: 907-399-5530 Website: Ground Truth Trekking Website: Alaska Prospects/Mines Map

Ground Truth Trekking works to raise awareness about natural resource issues in Alaska, including hardrock mining, coal mining, climate change, and others. We strive to create accessible information that is fact-based and informative such as fact sheets, essays, articles, figures and maps.

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Photo of MiningWatch Canada
MiningWatch Canada Contact: Ramsey Hart
250 City Centre Ave. Suite 508 Ottawa Ontario K1R 6K7 Canada
Phone: (613) 569-3439 Fax: (613) 569-5138 Website: MiningWatch Canada

MiningWatch Canada is a pan-Canadian initiative supported by environmental, social justice, Aboriginal and labour organisations from across the country. It addresses the urgent need for a co-ordinated public interest response to the threats to public health, water and air quality, fish and wildlife habitat and community interests posed by irresponsible mineral policies and practices in Canada and around the world.

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Photo of Nuclear Watch New Mexico
Nuclear Watch New Mexico Contact: Scott Kova
903 W. Alameda #325 Sante Fe New Mexico 87501
Phone: 505-316-4148 Website:

Through comprehensive research, public education and effective citizen action, Nuclear Watch New Mexico seeks to promote safety and environmental protection at regional nuclear facilities; mission diversification away from nuclear weapons programs; greater accountability and cleanup in the nation-wide nuclear weapons complex; and consistent U.S. leadership toward a world free of nuclear weapons.

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Photo of Save the Wild U.P.
Save the Wild U.P. Contact: Alexandra Maxwell
P.O. Box 562 Marquette MI 49855 United States
Phone: (906) 662-8876 Website: Save the Wild U.P.

Through public awareness and education we strive to protect the Upper Peninsula from unsustainable development, degradation and dangerous contamination.

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Photo of Sierra Fund
Sierra Fund Contact: Kelsey Westfall
103 Providence Mine Rd,. Suite 101 Nevada City CA 95959
Phone: 530-265-8454 Website:

The Sierra Fund is based in Nevada City, California, and serves the Sierra Nevada region of California, which includes 25 million acres, a third of the state’s area, and all or part of 22 rural counties. The organization works in the spirit of service to the Sierra Nevada’s natural resources and communities. They use science and advocacy to pursue their mission to restore ecosystem resiliency and build community capacity in the Sierra Nevada.

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Photo of SkeenaWild Conservation Trust
SkeenaWild Conservation Trust Contact: Greg Knox
103 4622 Greig Ave Terrace British Columbia V8G1M9 Canada
Phone: 250-615-1990 Website:

Formed in 2007, SkeenaWild Conservation Trust is dedicated to making the Skeena River and nearby coastal communities a global model of sustainability where large human and salmon populations coexist.  They work with governments, First Nations, communities and individuals to sustain the long-term health and resilience of the wild salmon ecosystem.

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Photo of Southwest Research and Information Center
Southwest Research and Information Center Contact: Paul Robinson
PO Box 4524 105 Stanford SE Albuquerque New Mexico 87106
Phone: 505-620-6812 Website:

Southwest Research and Information Center (SRIC) was founded in 1971 for the purpose of providing information to the public on the effects of energy development and resource exploitation on the people and their cultures, lands, water, and air of New Mexico and the Southwest. SRIC works to promote the health of people and communities, protect natural resources, ensure citizen participation, and secure environmental and social justice now and for future generations

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Photo of Takshanuk Watershed Council
Takshanuk Watershed Council Contact: Meredith Pochardt
HC 60 Box 2008 425 Sawmill Road Haines AK 99827
Phone: 907-766-3542 Website:

The mission of the Takshanuk Watershed Council is to provide stewardship for the Chilkat, Chilkoot, and Ferebee River systems.  Through restoration, education, research, and community involvement they will benefit the natural ecology, economy, and quality of life valued by all residents.

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Photo of Uranium Watch
Uranium Watch Contact: Sarah M. Fields
P.O. Box 344 Moab UT 84532 United States
Phone: 435-259-9450 Website: Uranium Watch

Uranium Watch educates and advocates for protection of public health and the environment from the impacts of the uranium and nuclear industries. UW promotes informed public participation related to the uranium and nuclear power projects in Utah. We are a citizen information, research, networking, and environmental action project.

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Photo of Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve
Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve Contact: Emily Whittaker
P.O. Box 5 Big Bay MI 49808 United States
Phone: 906-345-9223 Website: Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve

The Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve in a non-profit watershed group that has been protecting and preserving the high quality watersheds of the Yellow Dog and Salmon-Trout Rivers since1995. They inform and inspire citizens to take action in the protection of these areas against threats such as mining, logging, and non-point source pollution.

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Photo of Yukon Conservation Society
Yukon Conservation Society Contact: Lewis Rifkind
302 Hawkins Street Whitehorse YK Y1A 1X6 Canada
Phone: 867-668-5678 Website:

The Yukon Conservation Society (YCS) is a grassroots environmental non-profit organization, established in 1968 in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. The organization has over 250 current members and many dedicated volunteers. Over the years, YCS has earned a respected position of influence on environmental policy and education in the North. Their mission is to pursue ecosystem well-being throughout the Yukon and beyond, recognizing that human well-being is ultimately dependent upon fully functioning healthy ecosystems.

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