Mini-Grant Application

1. Application Type
Canada-based organizations enter "n/a".
2. Contact Information
This person will be our primary contact during the application period and responsible for all reporting.
3. Brief Summary
4. Indigenous Leadership
We aim to provide at least 50% of our grants to groups that are indigenous-led; this means that decision-making power and leadership is held by Indigenous Peoples.
5. History
Does not apply to the fiscal sponsor organization. Limit: 150 words..
6. Project Description
Detail specifically how these program funds will be used. Please include how this project deals with the impacts of mining activity, and what you expect the long-term benefits of your project will be. Include a timeline if possible. Limit: 300 words..
7. Organizational Budget and Portion of Total Budget Dedicated to Mining work:
For example, your organization may work on many issues with a budget of $100,000, but perhaps your mining-related work is just $5,000 of that budget.
8. Project Budget

Budget Item, Request to IEN/WMAN, Additional in-kind & other funding, Total

1. Consultant, $250, Donating 10 hours, $250 + 10hrs in-kind

2. Travel, $500, Donated car use, $500 + donated car use

3. Supplies, $750, Donated paint, $750 + donated paint

4. Lodging/meals, $1,000, $1,000 donated from Tribe X, $2,000

9. Other Funding Source
10. Issue Collaborations
This is particularly relevant if partner groups are applying for funding from the IEN/WMAN mini-grant. Limit: 150 words.
11. Additional Information
Database found at
12. Previous Mining Mini-Grants Funding
If you have received funds previously, please make sure that you have submitted a short report to us on that previous grant.
13. References
14. For $5,000 Grant Application Only
Limit: 600 words.