Mini-Grant Application

1. Application Type
Note: Every qualifying non-profit organization can apply for these mini-grants, however we do not fund individuals. If you do not have an EIN number, no problem, keep applying! But you’ll need to secure a fiscal sponsorship from another organization that has an EIN number before you can receive a check. We can help you try to find a fiscal sponsor if needed.
2. Contact Information
Canada-based organizations enter "n/a".
This person will be our primary contact during the application period and responsible for all reporting.
If you need help to find a fiscal sponsor to apply, we can try to help you find one both before or after you applied
3. Indigenous Leadership
We aim to provide at least 50% of our grants to groups that are indigenous-led; this means that decision-making power and leadership is held by Indigenous Peoples.
4. Brief Organization Summary
Only Indigenous, community-based grassroots and non-profit organizations can apply. Who are you and what do you all do? Summarize your organization’s mission, vision, goals, and membership in one short paragraph (150 words max.). See examples from past applicants here
5. Brief Project Summary
Summarize your request for grant assistance in 1-2 sentences. Please include what mining issue is being addressed, and the name and location of the mine or affected communities (if applicable)
6. Project Description
Please provide a short description of the project proposed for this Mini-Grant (250 words max.). How does this project address hard rock mining issues, which issues, communities, or mining projects (if applicable)? If funded, what strategies will be made possible through this Mini-Grant? Tick one or more of the options that the grant will be used for (these are examples from past grants, they are not exhaustive, and you could perhaps see other possible uses):
7. Organizational Budget and Portion of Total Budget Dedicated to Mining work:
8. WMAN Mini-Grant Project Budget
  • $2,000 technical or legal support by hiring XYZ
  • $600 public meeting or workshop expenses (e.g. room, food, facilitator, etc.)
  • $600 travel costs (e.g. air or road travel, hotel, etc.)
  • $400 printing, communications & social media
  • $400 coordination compensation for grantee or admin. fee for fiscal sponsor (10%)
    Total $4,000
  • 9. Additional Information
    (see example here
    10. Previous Mining Mini-Grants Funding
    If not, please do so for grant consideration (it’s easy! see guidelines).
    11. References (optional)

    WMAN is not currently accepting applications.