Our Mission

The Western Mining Action Network’s (WMAN) mission is to foster and support a strong network that protects communities, land, water, air, and wildlife by reforming mining practices and holding government and corporations accountable.  More than 400 individuals representing organizations, communities, tribes, and First Nations participate in WMAN.  WMAN’s key functions are:

  • Providing networking opportunities for organizations and individuals working to reform irresponsible mining practices through communication and education;
  • Supporting community-based organizations’ efforts to protect human health and the environment from the negative impacts of mining;
  • Increasing awareness of mining issues among the media, general public, and leaders at the local, regional and national level;
  • Networking and communicating on strategies to increase member knowledge as well as public awareness;
  • Bringing new groups and constituencies into the Network;
  • Acquiring training and tools and making them available to grassroots activists;
  • Linking activists with technical and legal experts;
  • Connecting community-based groups with charitable foundations interested in supporting their work;
  • Providing a listserv and website for communication and information sharing;
  • Hosting biennial conferences in varying locations across the US and Canada and providing funds for community-based people to attend.