2018 Conference

Western Mining Action Network
2018 Biennial Conference

Uniting for Healthier Lands, Waters and Future Generations

With our host the Stk’emlúpsemc te Secwepemc Nation (SSN)
Kamloops BC, Canada | 27-29 September 2018
Thompson Rivers University

More than 175 participants registered over 3 days,
about 45% from the USA, 55% from Canada,
and nearly 35% Indigenous Delegates
Program Now Available Online!
For logistical questions, contact Marvel Karch:
marvel@worc.org or pixie.karch@gmail.com – 406-591-0696

Click here for a Draft Agenda for the upcoming WMAN conference. We will have participant packets, which will include a copy of the final agenda, awaiting you at the conference center.

Conference registration fees are requested before the conference starts. If you haven’t already, please pay your fees here or mail to WORC, ATTN: WMAN Conference, 220 S. 27th St., Suite B, Billings, MT 59101. There will also be a registration booth available on Thursday, Sept.27, from 7:30am to 11:00am at the Ramada Hotel, as well as Friday and Saturday mornings from 8am to 9am.

VENUE (SEPT. 28 & 29):
We’ll be meeting at Thompson River University (TRU) on Friday and Saturday, Sept. 28 & 29. See this map showing a generalized view of where we’ll be meeting. For a more complete map go here. You can do a search in the upper left corner for a specific building or space.

Shuttle service will be provided between the hotels and TRU between 7:30am and 8:15am. See agenda for more information. See below for more details on Site Tours on Sept. 27 & 30.

**Please note, we’re such a large group we’re split between two hotels:

  • Ramada Kamloops, 555 West Columbia Street, 250-412-9777
  • Wingate by Wyndham, 1180 Rogers Way, 778-731-0376

Confirmation numbers and hotel information have been emailed out. IF YOU DIDN’T GET A CONFIRMATION NUMBER, BUT WHERE EXPECTING ONE please contact Marvel at marvel@worc.org as soon as possible.

For those of you flying, the Ramada Kamloops will provide free shuttle service to both hotels. However, with the size of this conference, there will be additional transportation organized by WMAN (watch for WMAN signs on sides of minivans or contact Marc Fafard upon arrival (418- 961-3517, fafard.marc@gmail.com). If it is past midnight, or if you have been waiting for more than 60min for a shuttle, please feel free to share a taxi with other WMAN participants and keep the receipt for potential reimbursement (no reimbursements guaranteed). See below for more details on Site Tours on Sept. 27 & 30.

Please note that you will be responsible for you own meals during your travel times and outside of the Conference scheduled activities. Continental breakfast is included in your stay at the hotels.

Lunch Thursday will be provided for those registered to go on the organized mine tours Thursday morning and/or to the Stk’emlupsemc Te Secwepemc Nation’s (SSN) community in the afternoon. There is a special Indigenous Delegates Dinner planned on Thursday evening in SNN’s community center; the rest of WMAN delegates will be having dinner at the Ramada Hotel in Kamloops. Other meals (lunches, dinners and snacks) will be provided at TRU on Friday and Saturday.

The hotels and TRU will have an ATM for those of you who will need cash. However, if you don’t have a debit/credit card you may want to bring extra cash, as WMAN won’t have cash on hand.

A reimbursement form will be handed out for those receiving a scholarship to drive. Please make sure you keep track of your receipts, as costs won’t be covered without them. Mileage will be paid at 45 cents a mile.

TOURS (SEPT. 27 & 30):

  • There is a Highland Valley Copper Mine tour planed on Thursday, Sept. 27 morning. Sunstar Shuttles & WMAN minivans will be departing from the hotels at 7:45/8:00am. Return to the hotels at around 11:30am/11:45am. Those who are not registered to this tour may join it only if there is room available in the shuttles that morning (priority to registered participants). Bring water and snacks (extra).
  • There is a Stk’emlupsemc Te Secwepemc Nation (SSN) community & cultural events tour on Thursday, Sept.27, at noon (for lunch) and afternoon. Sunstar Shuttles & WMAN minivans will be departing from the hotels at 11:30/11:45am to go to SSN community facilities. There will also be an Indigenous Delegate Diner on the same site starting at around 5:30pm. Only those that are registered can attend this tour and these meals.
  • There is a Mount Polley mine tour planed on Sunday, Sept.30, all day. Sunstar Shuttles & WMAN minivans will be departing from the hotels at 7:30am. If you are not registered to this tour, or if you have not yet paid for this tour, but would still like to attend, YOU MAY be able to register onsite in Kamloops, during the Conference with Marvel Karch. Fee schedule will range from $US 40 ($CD 50) to $US 100 ($CD 130) for transportation, meals & logistics. You will need to arrange for your own hotel bookings in Kamloops or in Williams Lake for that night (depending where your return flight departs from).

If you are an Indigenous delegate attending the Conference, please note the following activities & items:

  • If you are registered, make sure to attend the Stk’emlupsemc Te Secwepemc Nation (SSN) community & cultural events tour on Thursday, Sept.27, including a lunch around noon and an Indigenous Delegates Diner at about 5:30pm (Moccasin Square Gardens, 357 Chief Alex Thomas Way). If you are not already in SSN community facilities as part of the tours described above, there will be shuttles leaving from the hotels at about 5:00pm to go to this Indigenous Delegates diner. If you have not yet registered to this Indigenous Delegates diner, please contact Amanda Watson (amanda@stkemlupsemc.ca, 250-320-6624).
  • If you are interested to stay connected and engage more with WMAN’s Indigenous Caucus network, or volunteer to be on WMAN’s Steering Committee for 2018-2020, please attend the WMAN Indigenous Caucus Lunch on Friday, Sept.28, at the Thompson Rivers University (TRU). See agenda for more details.
  • If you would like to also connect with WMAN’s Regional Caucuses, and possibly volunteer to be on WMAN’s Steering Committee for your region, please attend the WMAN Regional Caucuses meetings on Saturday morning, Sept.29. See agenda for more details.

For more information on indigenous program please contact:

Please support WMAN by bringing an auction item to the conference! If you have an item to contribute, you can either transport it with you, or send it ahead of time. We will have a bid sheet for you to complete at the conference. To send items ahead of time, please send to Marvel Karch, WMAN c/o Ramada Kamloops, 555 West Columbia Street, Kamloops, BC V2C 1K7. (Silent Auction coordinator: Marc Fafard).

There will be tables available in the Grand Hall for your community or organization to share information and material with WMAN participants. First come, first serve basis.

If you have success or inspirational stories, actions and strategies that have lead, or are leading, to positive outcomes for ‘Healthy Lands, Waters and Future Generations’ that you would like to share with WMAN participants in a short 3-4min presentation (1 to 3 slides max.) during the final plenary session on Saturday afternoon, Sept.29, please contact Jill Yordy & Ugo Lapointe (jillyordy@gmail.com, ugo@miningwatch.ca, c.514-708-0134).

If you have a short film or video about an ongoing mining issue in the U.S. or Canada that you’d like to share with WMAN participants on Friday evening, Sept.28, please contact Jill Yordy, jillyordy@gmail.com or Ugo Lapointe, ugo@mininwatch.ca, or call/text Ugo on his cell at 514-708- 0134.

We will have projectors and screens available for your presentation, you will need to bring a computer. If you need any special equipment, such as cords or adapters for Macs, please bring those with you. Please send us a copy AND bring your presentation in a PDF format (1 slide per page) on a USB key at least 20min before your presentation.

Make sure you attend WMAN’s Regional Caucuses meetings on Saturday morning, Sept.29 (see agenda for more details), to meet other WMAN participants working on, or affected by mining issues in your region. Share some thoughts on issues and potential strategies forward. Up-date your regional email list to stay connected. Engage more in your WMAN Regional Caucus and/or volunteer to be a representative on WMAN’s Steering Committee for the 2018-2020 term.

More than 300 organizations and individuals from across the USA and Canada participate to WMAN, Indigenous organizations, experts, scientists, lawyers, academics, citizen and grassroot groups. An all-volunteer Steering Committee, with a third of its governing seats held by Indigenous representatives, guides the network and the conferences. WMAN’s last biennial conferences took place in Arizona (2016), Alaska (2014), Saskatchewan (2011). Our next Conference will likely take place in 2020 (location to be determined – make a suggestion!).

Founded in 1997, WMAN’s mission is to foster and support a strong network, sharing information, expertise, strategies, and actions, with the aim to more effectively protect communities, land, water, air, and wildlife affected by mining in the U.S. and Canada.