Supporting Communities Affected by Mining

More than 300 organizations, from racially and economically diverse communities, participate in WMAN- the Western Mining Action Network.  WMAN provides opportunities for locally-based citizen groups in the US and Canada to educate themselves, influence decision making, and cooperate to create positive social change that goes beyond the boundaries of any one location or issue.

WMAN now has an Indigenous Coordinator

The Western Mining Action Network (WMAN) has hired  Sayokla Williams as our Indigenous Coordinator to help facilitate network functions and activities for WMAN’s Indigenous Caucus.   You can contact Sayokla with your questions, ideas, and suggestions via email @

Free Citizen Lecture Series

WMAN hosts a series of free informational webinars and conference calls. These webinars and calls give WMAN participants access to expertise and updates on current issues facing mining-impacted communities. See our  Programs  for more information, updates, and announcements.

Stay tuned for a listing of 2019 Lectures and Webinars.

To inquire about participation in our webinars, contact Mary at:

To find tip sheets on communications, from op-ed writing to media relations, please visit Resource Media’s Toolbox page at: