WMAN brings together diverse and disparate groups. Together we are stronger, more informed and more effective citizen advocates than if measured as a sum of our individual participants.

To this end, WMAN hosts the following programmatic function


  • 2017 Webinars and Lectures
  • 2016 Lectures and Webinars
  • 2015 Webinar Series
  • 2013-2014 Lecture┬áSeries (free, call-in series)
  • Electronic communications (multiple list serves, website, Facebook)
  • Regional and issue caucuses to address interests of common concern
  • Large conferences to build skills, plan strategy, increase technical knowledge, attract media attention to mining issues, and share information of common interest
  • Mini-grant program giving away $180,000 annually in $3,000 increments to grassroots groups across the U.S. and Canada; at least 50% of all grants are given to indigenous-led groups
  • Free conference calls and webinars featuring skills training (e.g. working with the media, fundraising, legal rights, corporate campaigning) and information sharing (e.g. updates on national policies, company track records, market trends)

WMAN is able to fulfill these programs through part-time staffing and representative governance led by 20 elected volunteer Steering Committee members.